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  Email Broadcasting / Newsletters
Are you looking for a way to notify your customers of new service offerings but are daunted by the rising costs of traditional methods? can perform an email newsletter campaign to your customers quickly and easily.

Customer retention is a top priority for any business. Most companies garner 80% of their revenue from just 20% of their customer base.  Providing your customers with information and updates is key repeat business opportunity as well as customer satisfaction.  Email newsletters is FAST and INEXPENSIVE! can perform your email campaign for you. We have constructed a mailing server farm designed specifically to process small to medium campaigns efficiently.  

This service is intended to provide you the service of sending mass emails to your customers.
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  About This Service

This service is provided as a permission marketing service only. This service is not intended as a SPAM service. 

What is Permission Marketing?

Permission marketing is the direct interaction with your customer or prospect after you have received their permission to do so.  It is a good idea to inform your customers that you will possibly use their email address to keep them up to date on new services and your company development.  This helps to earn customer respect and also gain their permission to send such updates at the same time.

This service is ideal to keep your existing customers and investors informed on your business and new developments. In addition, you can also use your site to build a collection of potential clients who are interested in your product or service and wish to be kept informed on your business.

With this service, you can design your email campaign in basic text format, HTML or however you see fit. will then take your designed email campaign and your list of potential recipients and launch your email newsletter for you. You can specify the email address that the newsletter is to be coming from so that you can track any bounceback emails or responses.

Pricing varies depending on volume of emails being sent. If you would like more information on this service, please send your inquiry to

Please note that we do not allow SPAM to be sent with this service. "Spam" is the term for unsolicited email. When you "spam" someone you are sending email that they do not wish to receive or did not sign up for. All campaigns are subject to an approval process by staff.



Q:  Why can't I just send emails to my customers myself?
Unless you are an ISP like ourselves, it is generally not a good idea to send mass emails from a business or home internet connection.  Most ISPs will have preventative measures in place to avoid their service from being used for SPAM purposes.  Should you attempt to send a mass mailing from your connection, your ISP may possibly suspend or terminate your service.  Most often, sending of more than 100 addresses at a time is in violation of your ISPs terms of service.

Q:  What makes's Email Newsletter service work better?
In our case, we own our system completely end to end, and therefore have designed the server farm specifically to handle email campaigns.  Further to that, emails are sent in such a way that they comply with standards and guidelines that other mail systems check for before accepting mail.  This is important to ensure that your email campaign has a higher success rate and is not filtered by SPAM guards on other mail systems.

Q:  Can confirm successful delivery to every address?
Unfortunately we can not confirm all deliveries.  We can report to you on what addresses are no longer valid and resulted in a bounceback of your campaign.  This will allow you to prune your customer list for the next campaign.  When our system sends out your email, it is received by other mail systems.  If the other mail systems reject the message, a bounceback will be generated.  If the other mail systems accept the message, it can be assumed that it will be delivered successfully.  If our mail system can not contact the receiving mail system, the message will remain in our queue for 5 days, while constantly retrying to deliver to the receiving mail system.

Q:  Can I have my email campaign send from a fake address?
Technically this is possible, however not recommended.  To ensure the best success and tracking ability of your campaign, we suggest that you use a real email address.  This helps greatly as you will receive the bouncebacks at that address, and will be able to track the success rate.  In addition, many of your customers may choose to reply to your campaign, and using a fake address will cause that reply to not be received.

Also, some mail systems before accepting your message, will check to see if the address it is coming from is valid.  If you use an invalid email address to send your campaign from, receiving mail systems may reject your newsletter.

Q:  How does pricing work for this service?
A: prices based on the number of addresses in your email list.  Pricing varies, however Email campaigns start as low as $0.11 / email address.  A minimum of 500 addresses will be required to use this service.  If you wish to send to a list of addresses smaller than 500, a $25.00 setup fee will apply.  In order to perform this service, will require a credit card or advanced payment for services.  Your representative will give you additional details.

Q:  Does charge for addresses that are invalid or could not be delivered to?
Yes.  Even messages that can not be delivered successfully incur transmission costs on our system. will however also have your email address list analyzed to remove duplicate addresses and addresses that are not in the correct format in order to conserve your cost.

Q:  Will help me design my newsletter email that I wish to send?
No.  This is best left to your website designer.  Your website designer can create an HTML document that can be sent as your newsletter.

Q:  How often can I use this service?
As long as your account is in good standing, there is no set limit on the use of this service.  This service is performed by our Network Administrators for you.  However it is to be understood that should receive numerous complaints about your newsletter, we will discontinue the service.  In most cases if you are sending to your own customers, there should be no such response.  However if you purchase an email list from a marketing source, that is not considered acceptable and is grounds for service termination.  Generally it is not advised to purchase lists as it can damage your company image, and also, most often those lists of addresses have been sold many times over and therefore become known to receive SPAM.

Q:  So what do I need to use this service?
In order to perform your email campaign, needs the following:

  • A Name to send the newsletter from.  ie: "Your Company Announcer"

  • Email Address to send the newsletter from. ie:  (

  • A Subject Line ie:  "Check out whats new in March!"

  • A copy of the Email to be sent (in Text or HTML format)

  • A List of addresses (in Text, Excel, or CSV format)

We will then send a test email to you to show you what the broadcast will look like.  Upon receipt of your approval, we will go ahead and perform your email broadcast.




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