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The use of Web Blogs has become a fast growing concept both for personal or business use.

For personal, our Blog service provides you an easy interface to create and manage your blogs.  Post your comments, photos, favourite links and events to your friends and family. 

For business, use a web blog to promote business events, promotions, discussions and suggestions.  Post ads for your business, photos and portfolio materials.  Plus the constant changing of site content on your blog will help drive more traffic and business to you and your website.  IF you dont already have a website for your business, a blog site can be a quick and easy solution for that too.

With our easy to use Dashboard, you can have your blog site set up in no time. 


Website Blog Packages

Mini Blog
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Basic Blog
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Ultra Blog
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Monthly Fee:  $3.99 / mo $8.99 / mo $22.99 / mo
Disk Space:  100 MB 2 GB 10 GB
Monthly Transit Limit:  200 MB 5 GB 40 GB
Ideal for: Online Personal diary
Personal Page
Business Promotion
Business Events
Business community
Photo Hobbyist
Media Promotion
Real Estate Agents
MB = Megabyte  GB = Gigabyte  Pricing in CDN Dollars
Service Features

Our Blog system is the most intuitive blogging tool available today. Everything you need to quickly and easily create your blog is included - whether it is pictures, video, documents, opinions or more, is included. Blogging is for everyone - from first time bloggers to experts!



Photo Album - Sharing photos with family, friends and colleagues is easy! Upload your pictures quickly – do one at a time or all at once. You can also resize your images, create customized photo albums and keep them all up to date from your desktop, handheld or cell phone. No need to email photos anymore – just tell people to go to your blog!


Rich Text Editor - Also known as a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) environment. Blogware makes publishing easy. When creating your post, the layout, font type, size and color will publish on the web exactly as you see it on your screen. With Blogware you choose your font type, the color and size.


Privacy - You have total control of who is authorized to view sensitive or confidential information with Blogware’s easy to use security tools. Only those you have granted access will see secure areas.


Visitor Interaction - One of the key differences between Blogware and a traditional website is the ability for visitors to post their comments. You determine whether they can post anonymously or if they need to create a reader account.


Web Site Statistics - Curious how many people are reading your blog? Blogware includes detailed statistics reports outlining number of visitors, how much bandwidth you are using and the search terms people are using to find your blog.



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