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  Email Broadcasting / Newsletters
Are you looking for a way to notify your customers of new service offerings but are daunted by the rising costs of traditional methods? can perform an email newsletter campaign to your customers quickly and easily.

Customer retention is a top priority for any business. Most companies garner 80% of their revenue from just 20% of their customer base.  Providing your customers with information and updates is key repeat business opportunity as well as customer satisfaction.  Email newsletters is FAST and INEXPENSIVE! can perform your email campaign for you. We have constructed a mailing server farm designed specifically to process small to medium campaigns efficiently.  

This service is intended to provide you the service of sending mass emails to your customers.

  Signup Form - Email Newsletter Broadcasting

  General Information
Company Name
Contact Name
Postal Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
  Setup Details
From Name
From Email Address

The "From Name" is a friendly name that will be shown on the email.  A Name to send the newsletter from.  ie: "Your Company Announcer"

The "From Email Address" is the actual email address that the newsletter will appear to be coming from.  This must be a valid email address.  This address should be selected carefully as any bouncebacks of the newsletter will be sent to this address, for your tracking purposes.  Also your customers may reply to your newsletter and those replies will be sent to this address as well.

Number of Addresses
Are You A Present Customer of
If Yes, please enter one of your web addresses
  Payment Info
Based on information provided above, will contact you to provide you a quote for this service.

This service does require pre-payment before the service can be carried out.  
Upon your acceptance of the quotation, you will be billed for the prescribed number of addresses.  If you choose to pay by credit card, your email broadcast will proceed upon approval of your credit card.

If you wish to pay by cheque, you will need to submit payment for purchase of Email Credits to us prior to performing the email broadcast.  To do this, we will produce an invoice for you upon your acceptance of our quite.  Upon receipt of payment, your account will be credited for the purchased number of email addresses.  That credit balance will then be used to carry out your email broadcast.

Payment Method           Cheque
Name on Credit Card
(If Applicable)
Card Number
(If Applicable)
(If Applicable)
Month   Year
  Additional Info
Additional Comments or Information




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