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  Cancel Services Request Form regrets to see any of our clients requesting a cancellation.   We encourage our clients to contact us if there is something we can do to rectify any issue that is leading to this need to cancel.

This form will guide you through providing the information we need to process your cancellation request.  Once your cancellation has been received and reviewed, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your intent to cancel.

Please review the information at the bottom of this form carefully to ensure that your service is cancelled as you wish and to understand your responsibilities in this cancellation.



  Personal Information

Company Name
First Name
Last Name
Suite / Unit
State / Province
Postal / Zip Code
Phone #
E-mail Address

  Cancellation Details

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Reason for Cancellation

  Account Information

Customer ID / Domain Name: ie:
  Steps to Follow staff will review your cancellation request and your account.  At that time, your account will also be reviewed for any outstanding billing.  If applicable, will provide you with a final balance in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

You will receive a follow up email regarding your cancellation. The follow up email is generally sent when processes billing.  This occurs multiple times per month for various cycles. will provide you with details about your cancellation, your final service date and also notify you of your final account balance (if applicable).  Below you will find the option to provide payment info which we can use to resolve your final balance for you.  For more information on how your final balance is calculated, you can review our cancellation and billing policy at

  Payment Info

Please note that in order to process your cancellation, any outstanding invoices owing on your account must be paid.  If there is no outstanding balance on your account, your service can be cancelled immediately. requires up to 30 days notice to process your cancellation and to finalize your account balance if applicable.  Your balance will be calculated up to your cancellation date plus no more than 30 days.  By default your account will be cancelled before the next billing cycle, which may be up to 30 days from today, hence the 30 day notice required.

Your cancellation will be reviewed and a final balance will be assessed for your services up until your cancellation date (+ up to 30 days).  You are liable for payment of your services up to your closure date whether your service has been used or not, and regardless of if you have moved your hosting to a new provider.  Until a cancellation is received, your account is not automatically closed for non renewal, non payment or for transferring to another service.  There are no exceptions to this policy and this policy is a standard for service providers..  You can see our cancellation procedure for more information at

Until any outstanding balance on your account is resolved, your service can not be cancelled, and billing will continue.  Below you can provide payment information to resolve your closing balance to ensure your account closed smoothly.  You will of course be provided your final balance after your cancellation has been reviewed.

If payment information for your final balance is not provided, (as per the terms and conditions) will seek to resolve the balance by issuing you a final statement, or by attempting to resolve your balance using any credit card on file for your account.  Should the balance not be resolved by these means, at its sole discretion may turn your outstanding account over to collections agencies.

Payment Method  
Name on Credit Card
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Card Number
(If Applicable)
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