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   is devoted to keeping our clients up to date with current system status and scheduled maintenance windows.
You can visit this page at any time to view the present status of the entire hosting system.
In addition, you can follow us on Twitter @parafxcomstatus to receive updates and notifications of system maintenance and issues.

System Health Overview

  Overall System Status  
  Current Measured System Uptime 99.99%  
  Current System Message All Systems functioning optimally.  
  System Bulletins      
  Subject:  Issue with Domain Renewals and Registrations - Credit Card Processing Issue  
  Date:  January 05, 2017   
  Status:  Waiting on Vendor Response - Credit Card Processing Not Available for Domains  
  UPDATE - Nov 08 2016  11:30pm EST:  This issue has been resolved by our NetOps staff.  Our system admins have not yet received any confirmation from our merchant provider as to whether there have been changes made to the production system that processes credit card transactions for us as well as other merchants.  However our admins have persistently worked from the side of things and were able to conclude that a change has occurred.  Our lead admin has therefore implemented some alterations to our side in order to adapt, so that we can resolve the issue more promptly for our clients.   We are still however awaiting further information from our merchant gateway provider as to the details of any changes that have been introduced.  Based on the resolve performed from our side, we are fairly confident that there has been a change introduced on the merchant gateway side and we will be following up with them further on the matter.   However the domain renewal / registration system is back in action and fully functional. 

UPDATE - Nov 08 2016 8:40pm EST
:  This issue still persists.  Our admins have been working diligently since this issue emerged, however we are still awaiting information from our merchant gateway provider.  The issue is believed to be an unannounced change that has taken place on the merchant gateway side that has resulted in a communication issue.  We are working to escalate this matter with them.  We have not received further info at this time from our merchant gateway company.

We will continue to update our clients, and if there are any clients that need to process a domain renewal urgently, we are more than happy to assist with this using another method so as to cause minimal inconvenience for our clients.

We apologize for this issue but will continue to work for a resolve from our side.



Presently there is an issue specifically with clients attempting to register a new domain or renew an existing domain.  The issue is that orders are not able to be processed with our payment gateway at this time.

Our admins are presently working with our merchant provider in regards to this matter and we are awaiting troubleshooting / resolution from them.

This does not affect clients who are submitting payment for invoices using any of our offered payment methods.  The issue is isolated specifically to clients who are registering or renewing domain names online. 

We will continue to make every effort for a speedy resolve, however we are presently awaiting critical feedback from our merchant provider as there may be an issue or change that has taken place on their system that has resulted in this issue.

Any clients in urgent need to renew a domain, our support personnel can accommodate such cases using alternate methods.  If you need to renew your domain name urgently, please email our support department and we will be happy to manually process your order.

Alternatively you can submit your issue by clicking the online link below: 

.:: - Support ::.

Thank you Operations


  Subject:  All Systems Functioning Optimally  
  Date:  January 05, 2017   
  Status:  FYI Posting  
  All our hosting services are functioning optimally.  If you are experiencing any difficulties, please email our support department at:

Alternatively you can submit your issue by clicking the online link below: 

.:: - Support ::.

Thank you Operations





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