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  Automatic Payments offers this convenient and secure method to make payments to your account.  Simply fill in the information below to make recurring payment to your account using your credit card.  Your information is kept completely secure so you can use this method for your convenience.

This information will be used to process your recurring payments using your credit card.  If your account is a monthly account, your monthly service charges will be automatically billed to your credit card for your convenience.

   Online Account Payment


Personal Information

Name On Account
Suite / Unit
Postal Code
Phone #
E-mail Address

Payment Details

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Payment Amount  

I Receive Invoices By

Customer ID or Domain

Your customer ID is often found at the top of your invoice.  Most often it will be one of your domain names hosted with our account.  

Credit Card Information

Card Type

Name On Credit Card
Card Number
Expiry Month   Year


Below you can note any additional information you wish to provide our Billing Department.

Our billing department will update your account to use your credit card for your recurring billings. This is very useful and convenient as it prevents possible late charges and ensures that your account is always in good standing to avoid possible service interruptions.  You will still receive invoices for your records. These invoices will indicate your payments for you.


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