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  Online Payment offers this convenient and secure method to make payments to your account.  Simply fill in the information below to make a payment to your account using your credit card.  Your information is kept completely secure and encrypted for your online safety.

All information collected on this form is solely used to process your payment and to ensure your payment is applied to your account or for account management / verification purposes.

   Online Account Payment


Account Information

Name On Account
Suite / Unit
Province / State
Postal / Zip Code
Phone #
E-mail Address

Payment Details

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Payment Amount  


If you are paying a specific invoice, you may specify it in the box below. 

If you are making a general payment to your account, or paying a statement you received, an invoice number is not required, however you can note one of the invoice(s) from your statement to provide additional info to our payments department.

Invoice Number (optional)

Customer ID or Domain

Your customer ID is often found at the top of your invoice.  Most often it will be one of your domain names hosted with your account.   If you are unsure of your customer ID, you can enter your website address (domain name).

Credit Card Information

Card Type

Name On Credit Card
Card Number
Expiry Month   Year

Sign up for Preauthorized Payment using the option below.  Avoid hassle, late fees and possible service interruption by using our secure pre-authorized payment system. 

You will still receive invoices for your records, but never have to worry about paying your invoice.  If you select pre-authorized payment, the credit card info you have submitted will be used for your future invoices.


Below you can note any additional information you wish to provide our Billing Department.

Please allow up to 24 hours to complete your payment.  Payments are processed by our billing department.  Upon completion of payment processing, you will be sent an email indicating that your payment has been processed.




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